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5 Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Business cards are often a reflection of a company so it is of the utmost importance that you provide your clients with a card that effectively portrays your business while captivating clients. Printing a custom business card is not just a way of providing your contact information it is a way to showcase your company's professionalism, marketing ability and commitment to quality in all facets of your services.

There is a small gap of opportunity to make an impression on prospective clients. It is important to remember that your clients are bombarded with the same generic business cards from many of your competitors.This may seem like an uphill battle but there are actually many ways to bring your card to the forefront. A well thought out card design that targets your demographic can make the difference between securing a new connection and being just another card in a pile.

At Printcloud we've seen our fair share of business card designs so here are a few design tips on how to make your business card stand out in the crowd.

Ideal Weight:
Marketing research has revealed that heavier paperstocks provide a higher perceived feeling of importance when being held as oppose to lighter paperstocks. This means that the heavier and thicker the business card the more of an impact it will have. Atprintcloud.ca our base paper thickness is 14PT which is already a noticeable step up from the standard 100LB to 12PT used by many of our competitors. We also offer 16PT, 18.5PT and 19PT if you are looking for added sturdiness.

Memorable Texture:
A unique texture and feel of a card in your hand is great way to stop a client in their tracks. Our 18.5PT Matte Laminated business cards are luxuriously silky smooth to the touch, our 19PT Royal Suede cards have a soft lightly textured feel similar to lush suede and our 100LB Linen Uncoated paperstock possesses a soft fibre texture and appearance. All of these paper types have a noticeably different feel that will definitely take your business cards to another level.

Quality Content:
When designing your business card the most important thing to keep in mind is to always choose quality content over quantity. If a card is overcrowded with information it can be overwhelming and counterproductive for your clients. The best business cards focus on highlighting company colours, logo, interesting typography or unexpected imagery. Remember that a business card should be visually enticing but also it needs to clearly outline you or your company quickly and efficiently.

Eye-catching Finishings:
Add a unique personal touch by adding rounded corners, foil, spot uv or choose a different card shape. At Printcloud.ca we offer two types of rounded corners, larger 1/8th inch or smaller 1/4th inch. You can also choose to round all four corners or create custom corner design such as the two opposite sides for additional visual interest. Looking for a little sparkle and shine? Opt for foil business cards which come with gold, silver or cooper foil options or choose our spot uv business cards to add a touch of gloss to our gorgeous matte laminated cards. Another popular option is to choose a gorgeous square shaped business card which often provides a modern alternative to the standard business card shape.

With these tips kept in mind you will without a doubt have a card that you're not only proud of but will stop your clients in their tracks!

– Printcloud Blog Team
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